Request for Hard and Green Waste Rubbish Collection

Important note: online bookings don’t receive a brochure or sticker, and stickers are no longer required.
Please book in at least a week or two in advance and only place items out the day before collection day.
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Please select the items you would like to get collected:

Please read the descriptions of each waste type and select all of the different types of waste you need collected.

Please select at least one (1) waste category
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White Goods: e.g. fridge, freezer, washing machine, dryer, Kitchen appliances

Please note: items must be empty and the doors removed
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E-Waste: TV, Computer, DVD Players, Monitors


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Green Waste: Raw timber, pruning’s and branches, grass clippings, vines, weeds and leaves

Please note: loose green waste, spiky or serrated plants must be boxed, bagged or bundled and no longer than 1.5m.
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Mattress: Mattresses/base

Please note: No more than 2 per collection
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Household furniture: sofa, beds, tables, toys, crockery, rugs or carpets

Please note: Small items must be boxed. Only small Rugs and carpets
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Please note: 10 maximum and no longer than 1.5 meters with nails removed/bent down, bundled and tied.
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Play equipment / gym: Swings, basketball rings, trampoline etc

Please note: Must be dismantled
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Please note: Flattened and tied
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Glass tables or objects / Mirror

Please note: They must be wrapped and taped in several layers of strong paper or cardboard and marked "Glass" for safety collection.
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Scrap metal: lawn mower, BBQs, empty paint tins with lids removed, small car parts, Hot water systems, bath

Please note: No more than 20kg
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Car Tyres: Passenger vehicle tyres

Please note: Only 2 tyres allowed per collection

Items not accepted

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Renovation Material

Renovation materials cannot be collected as part of the Hard and green waste collection. Such items can be taken to the Wyndham Transfer station using waste disposal voucher issued on the rates notice. You can also use a third party company that will do the collection for you at a cost.
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Household Garbage and food scraps

General Household rubbish cannot be collected as part of hard waste collection. You can put these items in your kerbside garbage bin. You can request an additional garbage bin here if the current bin size is too small for your household.
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Car parts

Large car parts and engine cannot be collected as part of the hard and green waste collection. Such items can be taken to the Wyndham Transfer station.
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Hazardous Waste: Batteries, Gas bottles, Chemicals, Paint

Our Wyndham Transfer station operates a drop-off facility for some hazardous materials. The drop-off is free and available for use by households only. Businesses are not eligible and only residential quantities will be accepted. Also Sustainability Victoria operates the Detox Your Home program to assist with the disposal of hazardous waste. They have details on what is accepted as part of the program and where and when collections are taking place.
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Pallets: Wooden and Plastic pallets

Please note:

Hard waste collections are for recyclable only. Renovation material, general house hold waste, food scraps, car parts and hazardous waste, batteries, gas bottles, chemicals, paints etc cannot be collected as part of the hard and green waste collection as they can cause contamination. Such items can be removed by using third party company or taken to the Wyndham transfer station. Click here for more details under Waste & Recycling Transfer Station or take a virtual tour of transfer station here.

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Important Information to help you prepare for your collection
3 Free Collections available per Household
Size of a single collection:
  • 3 cubic metres. i.e. 3m length x 1m depth x 1m high.
  • Maximum weight per item 55kg
  • Maximum length per item 1.5m
  • Place your items out, day before your collection.
  • Your items will be collected between 6:00am – 6:00pm.
  • Place your items on your Front yard or drive way. Please don’t place your items on footpath or nature strip as this can result in more dumping.
Terms and Conditions:
  1. If items presented are more than the booking, the collection crew may take the items and deduct additional bookings off from the property.
  2. All items out at the time of collection will be collected unless marked otherwise
  3. Once the items are collected from the property they are Councils property and cannot be retrieved back
  4. Council may choose to leave your items if they are not compliant with the above-mentioned placement, presentation and size guide
  5. The booking can be cancelled by 9:30am one business day prior to your collection day. Any bookings cancelled after the cut off time will be lost
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Find your property address

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If you believe the address is a valid property within Wyndham, please contact Rating Services on 1300 023 411

Some Wyndham properties are not eligible for hard and green waste collections for one of the following reasons:

  1. The rates for the property do not include a Waste Management charge and is not eligible to receive household bin collections or free hard and green waste collections. Hard waste and green waste collections may be arranged for a fee.
    Please call 03 9742 0744 to discuss your options.
  2. A building has recently been built on the property but the process to update the way the property rates are calculated has not been completed. Once this process is complete the owner will receive a supplementary rates notice. Once this notice has been issued (and as long as the property is paying the Waste Management charge) the property will then be eligible for hard and green waste collections.

If you have any queries about your property's eligibility, please call (03) 9742 0777 and press 2 to speak with Customer Service.

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Please select your desired date below.

NOTE: Hard waste collections are made on the same day as your garbage collection

Please select your desired collection date

You have 2 bookings remaining for the financial year ( - ). Bookings can usually be made between 1 week and 9 weeks from today's date.

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Contact Details
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